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PS3 Users To See COD MW3 1.08 Patch Next Week

PS3 Users To See COD MW3 1.08 Patch Next Week:

Robert Bowling has given Modern Warfare 3 fans an update on PlayStation 3 and PC patch 1.08.

The patch was first released for Xbox 360, and has been delayed for PS3 users as there were additional updates added.

According to Bowling, Modern Warfare 3 patch for PlayStation 3 has “been in certification at Sony this past week and should be released by them soon.” He added, ”we don’t control how long certification takes, thats out of our hands.” When asked for an estimated time of arrival, Bowling answered, “no way to know for sure, as its out of our hands once it enters certification. However, its typically a 2 week process (1 week down).” The update should be available on PlayStation 3 next week.

No information on a PC release date. “I don’t have a date yet, but I’ve been asking them to start getting PC updates out in line with others platforms.”

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