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Modern Warfare 3 Elite Clan Operation announced for Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 3 Elite Clan Operation announced for Call of Duty:
Call of Duty Elite creator Beachhead has exposed brand-new information as well as screenshots for the Modern Warfare 3 Clan Operations mode.

Clan Operations should really offer clans the ability in advancing up, a rewards system, special challenges, in addition to a quantity of other community enhancing functions. Clan Procedures remain in testing and does not come with an official release date yet.

founder green skull elite call of duty"We are presently placing almost all Clan Operations through considerable tests even though we can not provide you with a date on when it will likely be ready, it's getting closer every single day, mentioned Beachhead galleries.

To date, it's been a hardship on Elite customers to gain levels with their clans in COD: Modern Warfare 3. This appears to be changing soon, using the arrival from the prolonged and anticipated Clan Operations mode.

Inside Clan Operation:

To join a Clan Operation, Leaders will visit the Compete section and select a Clan Operation in the new Clan Operations section. The enlistment standing will probably be confirmed and shown for all Clan members.

Clan Operation Specifics Page:

The amount of Clan XP that one should earn if you take part in Clan’s enlistment status within the presently observed

- Clan Operations Start time and date and finish time

-Members may also see the awards, badges, scoring and winning criteria before the beginning of a Clan OperationClan Showcase:

Just in case the Clan carried out satisfactory experience inside a Clan Operation to get a badge, your prize will probably be confirmed inside your Clan Showcase within your Elite Clan page, below your Clan Feed.

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